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Chester Springs Pet Sitting and Walking is celebrating 5 years of service. That’s like 36 dog years.



Who takes care of your pets when you can’t?

Who provides care to your pets when you are not home? The answer is Chester Springs Pet Sitting and Walking. Chester Springs Pet Sitting and Walking is committed to a high standard for in-home pet care services, dog walking and delivering quality to our clients every time. We offer a wide range of services to meet almost every household situation and budget.

nuzzleFrom dog walking while you are at work to administering medicine to keeping your pets company while you are on vacation. Kennels are crowded, small and a breeding ground for illnesses and parasites. Kennels also promote severe separation anxiety, depression, lack of exercise and/or mental stimulation. Our in-home services keep your pet’s daily routine in order; they sleep by that window or in that corner, they know what time the mail gets delivered, and they still smell you. For the pet everything is exactly the same, they go out, eat and sleep on their schedule. Chester Springs Pet Sitting gives you the piece of mind that your loved one is taken care of. Finding a person you trust to keep your home and pet safe can be stressful, time consuming and very difficult. The burden of asking neighbors, friends and family members will disappear when Chester Springs Pet Sitting is on the job.

“Do I really want the neighbors to know I’m on vacation and
there is an empty house next door?”

“My pets get nervous or unhappy when I put
them in a kennel.”

We provide stimulation during the day for your dog by walking them and/or playing with them while you are at work, and taking care of your other pets, too. There are many benefits associated with your pet getting exercise Be assured that we know older pets or special needs pets need extra attention, and are handled with loving care. If it is dog walking, pet sitting for your cats, dogs, small animals or exotic pets Chester Springs Pet Sitting and Walking is who you want to call.